3 years ago

Comment: brown brazilian front lace wig braided into two loose braids, lovely and by age.


Comments: Tired of how to do brazilian front lace wig Bobo plunged try this hair, just to the tail into the back of the head, then another on a headband, temperament immediately upgrade?.


3 years ago

Variety glamor tie brazilian front lace wig styling makes you beautiful Fun

Chestnut very long brazilian front lace wig lining color, soft white Meng sister paper, braid tails and wear a wool hat, warm and sweet. brazilian virgin hair sale Ch read more...

3 years ago

Korean sweet little face braids brazilian front lace wig to create a winter Lolita


Dreadlocks hairstyle is very jianling, Shu Qi cute little tails and let you instantly transform LORI! Today, we recommend 5 highly sought after South Korea MM sweet face-lift braid hair, delicate, funny, repair Yen LORI! < read more...